A Platform for Spatial Data

SpaceCurve delivers a single, seamless, live model of your data. Our core technology ingests and stores data at network speed. You get a real-time, adaptive, spatially organized, distributed index that preserves spatial proximity across all data sources. From ad hoc queries and analytics, to mobile apps and automated actions, SpaceCurve makes it easy to use your data.

Core Technology

SpaceCurve’s software is not based on any existing technology or software system. The entire technology stack was researched, developed, and purpose-built for the unique requirements of real-time spatial analytics. It combines an advanced database engine developed from scratch with new algorithms and data structures:

  • Dynamic ad hoc query compilation for efficient execution and maximum performance
  • New computational geometry engine defines the state-of-the-art for precision geospatial analytics
  • Native interval algebra model massively parallelizes complex analytic and database operations
  • Unique hyper-rectangle sharding model ensures uniform distribution of complex spatial data models
  • Ultra-fast disk-oriented database engine supports wire-speed ingest concurrent with real-time queries

SpaceCurve Features & Benefits

Engineered for the Internet of Everything

Utilize Real-Time Data Streams:
  • Capture and contextualize data generated from dynamic and fixed sensor, social, mobile, and virtual networks
  • Ingest high-volume data from multiple sources
  • Ingest high-velocity data in real-time
  • Make ingested data available for analysis with sub-second latency

Designed for Complex Spatially Fused Data

Fuse, Interpret and Contextualize Data from Multiple Sources:
  • Organize and classify thousands of disparate datasets in a unified spatial data model
  • Spatially organize relevant data to understand all attributes at a location
  • Handle all spatial data needs in a single platform
  • Use common spatial data formats such as points, vectors, polygons and raster
  • Employ complex spatial data operations such as spatial joins and aggregation

Built for Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Enable Real-Time Operational Intelligence from Spatial Data:
  • Query the system as it actively accumulates new data
  • Perform real-time queries on the extreme volume and velocity of machine-generated data
  • Conduct analysis with unparalleled spatial precision and performance
  • Use existing visualization partners to expose results (Esri connector included in the platform)

Scale Out Operations Based on Requirements

Scale Operations Quickly with an Elastic Computing Model:
  • Lower the total cost of ownership with cloud-first, elastic computing model
  • Incrementally expand capacity while online to meet changing data volume and velocity requirements

  • Runs on clusters of commodity Linux servers

  • Designed to run in the cloud or on-premise

Open Standards and Interoperability

Deploy Quickly and Easily through
Open Standards and Interoperability:
  • Built with developer-friendly interfaces
  • Uses industry-standard SQL query language to reduce learning curve
  • Native support for interoperability standards such as REST, JSON and OGC
  • Integrate easily with existing data environments and investments (Hadoop connector included in the platform)

Discover how SpaceCurve can work for you.

Visit our resources page to download technical briefs, application white papers and more. Discover how SpaceCurve organizes and analyzes machine-generated data sources in real-time at extreme scales for immediate operational intelligence.

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