SpaceCurve delivers a live model
of your spatial data with
unprecedented speed and scale

We believe [SpaceCurve] to be the first of a new generation, a super-scale data platform with real-time data ingest.

Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, The Bloor Group

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Spatial Performance Without Limits

Introducing SpaceCurve, the spatial data platform that transforms the Internet of Everything into operational intelligence. See how customers are leveraging SpaceCurve to fuse and interrogate both live and historical data at unprecedented speed and scale.


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How SpaceCurve Works

We solved foundational computer science problems to create the first platform purpose-built to spatially organize and analyze machine-generated data sources in real-time at extreme scales. SpaceCurve continuously indexes reality in space and time while making it easily analyzable and immediately actionable.

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About Us

Getting real value from spatial data takes big math, heavy data science, and the right systems architecture. SpaceCurve cracked the code by building a platform from the ground-up to make both live and historical spatial data immediately accessible.

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Discover how SpaceCurve can work for you.

Visit our resources page to download technical briefs, application white papers and more. Discover how SpaceCurve organizes and analyzes machine-generated data sources in real-time at extreme scales for immediate operational intelligence.

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